SMD Programme: Italy

Italy volunteered to be the first European country to implement the SMD programme.

The implementation of the SMD programme in Italy

The first IMI-Train deliverable has been the implementation of the SMD concept in Italy as a pilot run which further has paved the way for a global roll out.

The first SMD Programme

Why Italy?

Why to choose Italy for the first pilot? First of all, Italy has a very large association of Pharmaceutical Medicine: SSFA has more than 900 members, is very active  (on average, we organize – thanks to the dedication of several members active in working groups – more than 20 seminars every year), and has a very good scientific reputation among professionals, regulators and all people involved in drug development.

Secondly, Italy has a large population of professionals who, in the last ten years, got the master title in Pharmaceutical Medicine: more than 15 University post graduate master courses gave the master title to about 1000 pharmaceutical professionals. And this people are the ideal candidates to join the SMD programme.

Finally, the Italian SMD team sponsored by Imi-Train and PharmaTrain created a good network among regulators, scientific associations and directors of master of science programmes in medicines development, in order to get a strong support: most of these people were appointed as members of the national PharmaTrain Certification Board, who convened on February 15, 2016 at AIFA (the Italian Drug Agency) for the inaugural meeting: the enclosed picture was taken on that event.

Two Italian stakeholders meetings are part of the plan. One meeting took place in June 2015, the second will take place in May 2016 in Rome. The official start of the programme in Italy will be June 1st 2016.


Italian Board

Members of the National PharmaTrain Certification Board at their inaugural meeting in Rome, February 2016

Some interviews about Pharmatrain, SMD and the educational efforts in place are now available from the site of PharmaStar, the most influential and followed on-line medical magazine in Italy, which is distributed to all MDs and other health professionals every Sunday.
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