PharmaTrain e-Library

PharmaTrain e-library integrates state-of-the-art newly developed blended learning modules with those collected from continuing survey to create a directory of online courses


The library is open to all partners, allowing them to blend the content into their modular courses in the way best suited to their institution. The repository will allow institutions to continue to develop more specialised extension modules, enhancing the learning experience by creating a holistic environment of teaching methodologies supporting the programme. In addition, this repository will evolve into a pan-European online e-campus, supporting faculty and students. Supporting material (e.g. book chapters, publications etc.) will be added and become part of the online repository.

e-Learning Modules

The following e-learning modules have been developed during the IMI PharmaTrain project ending April 2014. They are covering the medicines development process. The compact modules are linked to the PharmaTrain base courses in Pharmaceutical Medicine/Medicines Development science and can be used as a preparation before face-to-face sessions or as post-session reading.

e-Learning Courses are available to PharmaTrain Members.

Clinical Investigator Course

PharmaTrain has also created an online course for clinical investigators CLIC. It contains various modules of increasing depth that can answer the needs of sub-investigators and staff members, principal investigators and sponsor-investigators respectively.

CLIC Course

Created by HSeT with the support of UCB, Pfizer, Novartis and Pharmed