Implementation Process of Shared Standards

Why do we need it in PharmaTrain?
This “Implementation Process of Shared Standards” has been created to have a defined process in place which allows Course Providers to demonstrate the change of their courses and inclusion of PharmaTrain standards. In addition, courses which have awarded Centre Recognition or Center of Excellence will be considered by EFPIA companies for additional course fees sponsorship as in-kind contribution.

  • Diploma (Base) Courses and Master Programmes offered by the different Course Providers in PharmaTrain should adapt to the new PharmaTrain Shared Standards by April 2012. The “adaptation process” is called the “Implementation Process of Shared Standards”.
  • The Implementation Process of Shared Standards is based on the concept of site visits of assessors at all course sites. If they feel prepared Course providers “call” the assessors trio teams for either a coaching or an assessment to, finally, achieve the Award as a Centre Recognition or directly a Centre of Excellence.

Criteria to achieve PharmaTrain Centre Recognition
  • Base Course and/or Master Programme teaching on the basis of the PharmaTrain Syllabus and implementation of the defined Learning Outcomes (LO). The 9 Cross Project Quality Criteria have to be in place.The understanding is that not all 180 topics of the Syllabus have to be taught face to face because this is not possible due to time reasons but they can be dealt with in assignments. Course providers have to show that all LO are met.
  • Bologna Standards (30/60+ ECTS – System, + Master thesis)
  • Modular System based on the PharmaTrain Curriculum there is place for local flexibility.
  • Enhanced Quality Management System (inclusion of assignments, openness to implement a quality management system), open to inspections.
  • Use of the e-library of PharmaTrain

If a Course Provider wants to directly achieve the Award “PharmaTrain Centre of Excellence” the assessors have to agree that the criteria for a Centre Recognition are fully met and that at least two Elective modules or additional training programmes from our project are available.

Criteria to become a PharmaTrain Centre of Excellence
  • The Award “Centre Recognition” has to be in place (see above)
  • In addition the course provider should offer at least two Electives, i.e. two programmes which have been defined in terms of Learning Outcomes by WP3 (Lead: Peter Stonier).

To achieve these PharmaTrain stamps course providers shall call for coaching and assessments. Teams put together of three persons from PharmaTrain ExBo, WP8 and IFAPP national member organizations (nMAs) will assess course providers onsite in an SOP guided process.

All Centres of Excellence are found here.