PharmaTrain: benefits for you as a trainee

1. Driving your career as a professional in medicines development
As a postgraduate interested in education & training on the field of discovery, development, regulation and marketing of medicines, you have new opportunities to widen your horizon and to drive your career.

2. PharmaTrain is implementing new training standards
PharmaTrain is implementing reliable standards for high-quality postgraduate education and training in Medicines Development – Europe-wide and beyond. Training Centres, which offer Diploma Courses, Master Programmes and CPD Modules under the PharmaTrain brand share the high PharmaTrain standards and undergo quality assessments.

3. PharmaTrain branded Training Centres
PharmaTrain awards training centres as “PharmaTrain Centre Recognition” or “PharmaTrain Centre of Excellence” (if they offer other CPD modules in addition to the standardised programmes). Already 13 Training centres have been assessed as of October 2012. Here you find the list of PharmaTrain Partners and recognised training centres.

4. Structured and up-to-date learning contents and outcomes
In close cooperation with industry and academia PharmaTrain has defined 180 content topics along the road from molecule to patient: the comprehensive Syllabus of Medicines Development. These items are mapped to 60 Learning Outcomes.

5. Covering all relevant topic sections
The contents of the PharmaTrain Syllabus cover all relevant aspects of medicines development such as
• Discovery of medicines
• Development of medicines: planning
• Non-clinical testing
• Pharmaceutical development
• Exploratory development, molecule to proof-of-concept
• Confirmatory development
• Clinical trials
• Ethics and legal issues
• Data management and statistics
• Regulatory affairs
• Drug safety, pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology
• Information, promotion and education
• Economics of healthcare
• Therapeutics

6. Strong background: Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)
PharmaTrain is an Education and Training project within the European IMI, the biggest public-private partnership in biomedicine. This project receives a €7 million support from the Innovative Medicines Initiative – European Commission and European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) companies.

7. Powered by university-industry partnership
Besides the partner universities listed above a whole series of organisations and industry partners are involved in the process of developing the PharmaTrain project.

8. Students Suport Fund
PharmaTrain offers a Student Support Fund for the participation in PharmaTrain Courses. For further information please contact the Executive Office in Basel.