Why to request for a PharmaTrain flag?

1. Implementing high-quality training standards
PharmaTrain is implementing Europe-wide reliable standards for high-quality postgraduate education and training in Medicines Development. PharmaTrain recognised training centres offer Diploma Courses, Master Programmes and CPD Modules (short courses) under the PharmaTrain brand sharing the high-quality PharmaTrain standards.

2. Fitting the industry’s needs
In close cooperation with industry PharmaTrain has established 180 topics along the road from molecule to patient. This comprehensive Syllabus of Medicines Development is mapped to 60 Learning Outcomes. This learning approach exactly meets the industry’s needs.

3. Trainee’s competence profile
The PharmaTrain Syllabus/Learning Outcomes’ approach is allowing to profile the competence of an employee and professional trainee, respectively. Comparing the actual versus a target profile reveals deficits that can perfectly be filled by taking PharmaTrain recognised courses, be it a Diploma Course, a Master Programme or a CPD Module (short course).

4. Industry supporting trainees
The jointly developed approach is causing industry to support employees in their efforts to take PharmaTrain flagged short courses. The PharmaTrain private partners support their employees as an in-kind contribution to the IMI PharmaTrain project.

5. Join the high-quality training network – Europe-wide and beyond
PharmaTrain has been developed as a pan-European project. It has already been enlarged by affiliating universities in North and South America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. PharmaTrain has created and further intends to create a network of training offers within a consistent framework and with state-of-the-art pedagogy.

6. Strong background: Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)
PharmaTrain is an Education and Training project within the European IMI, the biggest public-private partnership in biomedicine. This project receives a €7 million support from the Innovative Medicines Initiative – European Commission and European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) companies.

7. Powered by university-industry partnership
Besides the University Partners a whole series of Organisations and Industry Partners are involved in the process of developing the PharmaTrain project.

8. What does the PharmaTrain flag imply?
The PharmaTrain flag for CPD Modules (short courses) means that
• the course provider and the course in question fulfils all of the 9 quality criteria
• course learning outcomes are defined and are consistent with those of PharmaTrain

9. How to get the PharmaTrain flag for a short course
The PharmaTrain flag can only be requested on the course portal on-course. The request will be transferred to the PharmaTrain CPD Access Panel. The course provider will be informed by email about the requirements and steps to follow.
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