PharmaTrain: benefits for your company

1. Efficient external E&T
To improve the process of development of new medicines the industry basically educated their staff in-house. Today the industry is aware that external Education and Training (E&T) is much more efficient and cost-saving than in-house E&T.

2. E&T needs of the industry
A minor part of the huge Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) has therefore been reserved for standardization and enhancement of E&T on a European basis.

3. Industry relevant content
In close cooperation with industry and academia PharmaTrain has extracted the 180 content topics (Syllabus) along the road from molecule to patient. These topics are mapped to 60 Learning Outcomes and competencies – all relevant for the daily work within the industry.  

4. Implementing new training standards
Based on this Syllabus and Learning Outcomes PharmaTrain has implemented reliable standards for high-quality postgraduate E&T in Medicines Development – Europe-wide and beyond. Training Centres, which offer Diploma Courses, Master Programmes and CPD Modules under the PharmaTrain brand share the high PharmaTrain standards and undergo quality assessments.

5. PharmaTrain branded Training Centres
PharmaTrain is assessing and awarding training centres that share the high-quality standards as “PharmaTrain Centre Recognition” or “PharmaTrain Centre of Excellence”. The latter offer other CPD modules in addition to the standardised programmes.

6. Cognitive competence – measure and control
PharmaTrain has developed the rational that allows to measure and control competence – consistent with the Syllabus and the Learning Outcomes. It further enables to measure capacity of a group or department involved in medicines development.

7. Powered by university-industry partnership
Besides the partner universities a whole series of organisations and industry partners are involved in the process of developing the PharmaTrain project.