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E-learning Modules
A European Approach to Clinical Investigator (CLIC)Clinical investigator 
Strategic position paper about proposing clinical investigator training in Europe.

Medicines Regulatory Affairs
Four universities (Copenhagen, Basel, Hertfordshire and King’s College, London) now collaborate to introduce a European Masters Programme in Medicines Regulatory Affairs.


PharmaTrain Federation is an accrediting and certifying not-for-profit-organisation. It has established and is further developing top-quality Global Shared Standards for Education and Training in Medicines Development. Benefit from your membership.

Who can become member of the PharmaTrain Federation?
PharmaTrain Federation addresses five categories of members: course providers, companies, agencies and societies as well as individual members. Also trainees may join as individual members. All benefit in different ways from PharmaTrain (see the individual flyers and visit our website:

What are the membership categories and fees?
  • University course providers (A)
  • Course providers with more than 20 students in any PharmaTrain recognised module/year (A1: EUR 1.000/year)
  • Course providers with 20 or less students in any PharmaTrain recognised module/year (A2: EUR 500/year)
  • Course providers without PharmaTrain recognition (B: EUR 1.000/year)
  • Corporate members (C: EUR 10.000/year; please note that in addition, sponsoring options are available)
  • Regulatory Agencies (D: EUR 300/year)
  • Professional societies (D: EUR 300/year)
  • Individual member (E: EUR 150/year)

How to become member of the PharmaTrain Federation?
These are the steps to become a member of the PharmaTrain Federation:

Thank you for joining PharmaTrain Federation!