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E-learning Modules
A European Approach to Clinical Investigator (CLIC)Clinical investigator 
Strategic position paper about proposing clinical investigator training in Europe.

Medicines Regulatory Affairs
Four universities (Copenhagen, Basel, Hertfordshire and King’s College, London) now collaborate to introduce a European Masters Programme in Medicines Regulatory Affairs.


IMI Project
PharmaTrain started 2009 as an Education and Training project within the European Innovative Medicines Initiative IMI (, the biggest public-private partnership in biomedicine.

The project received a €7 million support from the European Commission and European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) companies.

Achievements of the five-year IMI project period
Shared Standards: PharmaTrain has implemented new and reliable standards for high-quality postgraduate education and training in Medicines Development with global impact.

Training Centres: Those Training Centres which offer Diploma Courses and Master Programmes under the PharmaTrain brand, share the high PharmaTrain standards and undergo quality assessments. They are awarded “PharmaTrain Centre Recognition” or, if they offer other CPD modules in addition to the standardised programmes, “PharmaTrain Centre of Excellence”.

Diploma Courses: Six Modules form a Diploma Course of Medicines Development. They cover the entire PharmaTrain Syllabus topics, Learning Outcomes and Competencies.

Master programmes: In addition to the 6 Diploma Modules, another 6 Modules extend the knowledge and practice of Medicines Development to a Master degree (Extension Master). The same content is taught by some PharmaTrain Course Providers in a continuous sequence of 12 Modules (Integrated Master).

Short Courses/Continuing Professional Development (CPD): All modules can be selected from the Short Courses/CPD platform as stand-alone training (Short Courses), regardless of whether they are part of a Diploma Course, Master Programme or neither. More than 100 (and increasing) single modules cover various Syllabus topics. You are free to make your personal choice from this CPD platform.

State-of-the-art pedagogy: To optimise the learning process up-to-date learning methods are used including: face-to-face teaching; breakout sessions; internships; blended and e-learning and assessed assignments.

Modules: The Bologna System has been used to define each module in terms of ECTS units where 1 ECTS unit equates to a total of approximately 25 learning hours including home work, e-learning etc. Each PharmaTrain module is designated as being worth 5 ECTS.

PharmaTrain Federation
The PharmaTrain Federation is the successor organisation of the IMI project and is managing and further developing these valuable assets.