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A European Approach to Clinical Investigator (CLIC)Clinical investigator 
Strategic position paper about proposing clinical investigator training in Europe.

Medicines Regulatory Affairs
Four universities (Copenhagen, Basel, Hertfordshire and King’s College, London) now collaborate to introduce a European Masters Programme in Medicines Regulatory Affairs.

A European Approach to Clinical Investigator (CLIC)

A better education and training of clinical investigators and their teams is one of the factors that could foster the development of clinical research in Europe, a key objective the Innovative Medicines Initiative. PharmaTrain and ECRIN have joined forces to address this issue. An advisory group composed of representatives of universities, pharmaceutical companies and other organisations met four times between June 2011 and July 2012. This resulted in a position paper proposing a strategy to improve and harmonize clinical investigator training in Europe.

This position paper also contains a detailed syllabus and list of learning outcomes. Major recommendations are the establishment of minimal and mutually recognized certification requirement for investigators throughout the EU and the creation of a European platform to provide a suitable course and examination infrastructure.